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Burkina Faso
Country in Africa
Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa around 274,200 square kilometres in size. It is surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north; Niger to the east; Benin to the southeast; Togo and … Wikipedia
Capital: Ouagadougou
Currency: West African CFA franc
Population: 16.93 million (2013) World Bank
Continent: Africa
Official language: French


Name: Traoré Oumarou
Artist Name: Sam Dol
City: Dano, Burkina Faso
Style: Pan-African Expressionism
Medium: Oil paint and markers on paper, cardboard, various fabrics, styrofoam, scrap metal, etc.

Sam Dol and workspace Sam Dol and workspace

The first time I met Sam Dol was almost a year ago at the Musée de la Femme in Dano with my family in his cluttered art/music room. He explained to us in a mix of French and English how the broken fence leaning against the outside wall of his building was his representation of the struggle of woman, then proceeded to bang on a wooden xylophone (called a balaphone) for us until our guide Malick interrupted him with applause and led us out of the room. I remember thinking he was pretty crazy.

Turns out I was right, but luckily he’s only crazy in the way any good artist is supposed to be crazy. Sam Dol will…

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I love this idea.

Bel' Occhio


This is a magical time.  We adorn our home with sparkling lights and glittering ornaments.  We fill our kitchen with the glorious baking smells.   And best of all there’s the dinner parties.  How lovely to linger with dear friends  long into the winter night.

The perfect hostess gift is not a bottle of wine (who knew she didn’t drink red).  Or a bar of scented soap (boring).  A box of chocolates (she’s on a diet).  The perfect hostess gift is a one-of-a-kind thrift shop discovery.  Two vintage crystal wine glasses, a silver pie server,  an exquisite bowl, a china gravy boat – these odds and ends make wonderful gifts.

This is such stress free shopping.  No crowded malls or endless piped in music.   One seldom pays more than a dollar or so for any item – especially the orphans.    And you are supporting a charity.   In our little…

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The Half Dollar Swallows His Whole Foot


Michael Cogdill

50 Cent, who’s famously consigned his brand to spare change, called out Floyd Mayweather with all the grown manhood of a grammar school boy’s room brawl.

50, you lost this brawl the moment the call-out fell out of your mouth.

First, here’s the story.  Read this and cease to wonder why sometimes I’m ashamed to have so much testosterone gliding through my veins:

This specious little pledge to charity by 50 cent reminds me how full-frontal ugly it is when one man tries to prove another man a lesser intellect.  50, you call out this successful man’s reading skill?  You deem it funny, trying to humiliate such a man on a global stage?  Do you realize Mayweather has made no small money and legacy with his mind?  Do you forget the night job he does with his hands?  Him you call out?

Floyd Mayweather, thank you!!!  I applaud your…

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Dorm Room on a Dime

Dorm Room on a Dime

Is there a love language having to do with decorating your daughters dorm room/suite each school year ?  If there isn’t , there should be. With two daughters in college , I feel the responsibility to help them make their dorm room a reflection of my, i mean THEIR personality.

Weeks, sometimes, months, in advance, I gather linens, window panels, artwork,  and lots of old picture frames.  Lane Scott  has always known exactly what she wants. Her freshman year  she had a design sketched out and a story board with fabrics, textures and inspirational decor. She is an artist ya’ know.   The last two years, she has moved herself and decorated her own dorm room.  I saw a quick snapshot of one wall she had done last week and it was masterful.   Primitive, lovely, un-complicated, clean, simple-lines. I loved it.

Libby, on the other hand, leaves the decor  all up to me. Her only request this year she wanted to take her duvet cover from her bed at home. Okay.  I can work with that.

Below are a few pictures we took this past Saturday.  The drawer work complimentary of Haven’s organizational skills. The hunk in orange would be Scott. He is a wonderful command- hook-hanger-upper. The panels on the windows are hung on a tension rod. The same tension rod that came un-tensioned and whacked me in the head 3 days before and had me seeing stars. Most of the items in the room were from Restorology Vintage on Etsy.  The Cardboard Deer Head Taxidermy was from Etsy shop HL Solutions, Chevron Duvet from Urban Outfitters, Bright-Stripe Pillow from IKEA. The rest of the items were thrifted, some were painted, some were left as is.

I also included a picture of the Living Area Libby shares with 5 other girls. Yes, they have a lot of seating.  They like to have friends over to study. That’s what they told me anyway.  I did a gallery wall with an homage to George Washington and Scrappy Wilson, the first dog running for (6)

photo (5)photo (60)photo (4)2013-08-24 13.43.03photo (3)photo (61)

Le French Flair


Thee Velvet Glove

Le French Flair

Add an element of grandeur to your home with this vintage solid wood Frenchy Commode fashioned with an aura of elegance. Hand painted in vibrant layers of golds and blues to create a simply eye-catching piece, embellished with opulent gold ormolus, distressed then glazed in a deep whiskey hue. Three dovetailed drawers. Scalloped front. Authentic craftsmanship accompanied by fabulous character. Very out-of-the-ordinary.

Would be stunning in an entry way, hallway, boudoir or as a dressing table in a powder room. She’s also ready to go onstage as a prop in a bridal photo shoot. An heirloom piece for those who fancy details, mystic and the furniture of yesteryear.

Dimensions: 47″ Wide x 20″ Deep x 31″ Height







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another day, another buffet


DIY chandelier


i have a chandelier in nearly every room of my house.  i just  l-o-v-e  chandies.   truth be known, i would prefer nineteenth century fo-real crystal and gold leaf, but since the $ gravy train seems to have ended for hubby and i back in the eighties….i shall be content with making my own.  DIY blog land has turned my little  life upside- down.  i can take a basic lighting fixture and create something anthropology-ish.  really, the sky is the limit. trouble is,   i have now run out of ceiling space.

this fixture began as the standard dining room lighting fixture in our home 15 years ago.  10 years ago,   i moved it to the living room, painted it bronze, slapped some miniature shades on , and it was passable.  but now…. it fits more with the vibe of our home.  a little bit vintage.  a little bit  funky,  a little bit more suggestive of a wannabe artist (that would be me).

paris grey dresser/buffet


how fitting the color of the paint i used on this dresser is called paris grey.  the brown colored wood gave  it a hick chic vibe minus the chic. but with a couple of coats of annie sloan paint, matte white hardware, clear wax on the finished product,  i rather fancy it paris chic.    a large glossy white baroque style mirror resting on the top and the look is complete.ImageImageImage