I must remember to get “Before” pictures


…apparently, the best part of looking at restored furniture is seeing the “before” shot . although i hold  bachelors of science degree in the School of Cinematography, apparently the digital age ensued the day i graduated.  thus and so, i have been intimidated by words such as “pixel” ,  “jpegs” and “image sensor chips”.  in other words, i have not picked up a camera in YEARS , that was until i was FORCED to do so, by one, very digitally aged, techno geek hubby .  he assures me, “even a five year old  can take a picture”….and so i do.  in fact, i stage.  i boutique.  i even  straightened up. i used sunlight, moonlight, fluorescent light and natural  light.  only to discover from hubby, out of all those pictures i staged, only 10 or 12  were “acceptable”. sighhhh’   how i can take blurry pictures with a a Fuji Fine Pix S1500 auto focus still haunts me.  but in the words of Jodee Messina, ” i’m not gonna let it get me down”,  i am gonna figure it out.  so, if you don”t mind blurry “before” pictures,  i will be sure to have crisp clear “after” photos. Here are the “Afters”.


So...what do you think?

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