Thanksgiving can only mean one thing…


Traditions. Over the years , the Jones Family have developed a few. One in particular is our annual Christmas card photo shoot.  If you want to bring out the worst in our family, tell them what they must wear, give them a time deadline,make them pose in awkward ways, take away all phones, laptops, blackberries, ipads and the old fashioned telly-vision and then  have them agree on what photo makes each one  look like a celebrity wanna-be (okay. that last one may just be me). Things have gotten a bit less stressful (and hopefully more entertaining) with the introduction of digital photography and my hubby’s use of PhotoShop. But we still can’t say for sure that no one will break down in a pool of stress induced tears. Ah.. the memories…


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  1. Di…I always love getting your Christmas card! It is always so creative just like you are! Love the trunk you painted. Can’t wait to get that buffet done. Hopefully after Christmas. I have asked Santa for lots of money so he better come through!! Love ya

  2. Hmmm…just found out we never received that 2006 card!! Weird! That means our collection is incomplete. 😦 Anyway, looking forward to seeing this year’s card.

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