“my so-called bad punctuation”


personally, i think traditional punctuation rules in a world where i gotta type on a device with a screen smaller than the palm of my hand, is preposterous.  some (my husband) may misconstrue it as laziness, but i assure you, it has nothing to do with my energy level. capitalization is truly the only thing i ignore and  for me, it’s more of a “why go interrupt my flow and reach for the shift key?” in reality capitalization doesn’t convey much meaning to the reader compared to correct spelling, and even i may judge a person who continually misspells .

personally, i do not think capitalizing lends credibility to my words.  on-line communication with bloggers is more like talking with friends in a casual way.  i rarely say anything worth presenting in a formal proper uptight fashion deserving of a fancy-pants delivery

i also like to think of myself as an artist of sorts, and to me, lack of capitals adds a poets touch. please don’t hate me because i’m breaking the rules.  the correct way today could be the wrong way tomorrow.  aT LeAsT !DoNt Do ThIs!


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