” the caitlyn project “


for several months i have been working with a crackerjack chapel hill graduate who is in her first grown up apartment.  she had furniture handed down from her mom and grandmother.  when we were e-mailing back and forth about what the furniture looked like and what style the furniture was, she e-mailed me back and asked, “is old and tired a style?”  the big reveal will be coming up soon , but  for now a peek at her gallery wall.  if you are wondering, caitlyn collects turtles.  she has over 50 different species (not the living kind).  i had painted some lamps for her in a chic aluminum finish, so why not a giant turtle to match?


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  1. Di, I love the gallery wall and can’t wait to see the big reveal! This is totally YOU! So glad you found something you love….you’re so very talented and creative! I remember seeing your apartment soon after we met in Greensboro and I have admired your style ever since! That red and white checked sofa is etched in my mind….so fashionable and made such a style statement! Miss you SO much! xoxo

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