DIY chandelier


i have a chandelier in nearly every room of my house.  i just  l-o-v-e  chandies.   truth be known, i would prefer nineteenth century fo-real crystal and gold leaf, but since the $ gravy train seems to have ended for hubby and i back in the eighties….i shall be content with making my own.  DIY blog land has turned my little  life upside- down.  i can take a basic lighting fixture and create something anthropology-ish.  really, the sky is the limit. trouble is,   i have now run out of ceiling space.

this fixture began as the standard dining room lighting fixture in our home 15 years ago.  10 years ago,   i moved it to the living room, painted it bronze, slapped some miniature shades on , and it was passable.  but now…. it fits more with the vibe of our home.  a little bit vintage.  a little bit  funky,  a little bit more suggestive of a wannabe artist (that would be me).


So...what do you think?

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