The scarf story + Holiday House tour

The scarf story + Holiday House tour

… a little late for Christmas 2016 but just as powerful when read anytime of the year …

Boulevard West


Since our first winter here, Lonnie and I have been calling our home the Holiday House because it really looks its best at holiday time (Christmas and Fourth of July, mainly). Our oldest son likes to remind us that all houses look their best decorated for the holidays, but the name has stuck anyway.


So here are a few photos of our house this season, but rather than describing what you’re seeing, I want to share a little Christmas story about my paternal grandparents.


As newlyweds in 1947, Cliff and Evadean Long lived in Ashton, Idaho, far from their families. They didn’t have enough money for a place of their own, so they rented a room in a woman’s house.


Their first Christmas, Evadean was pregnant, and Cliff was working at a nearby service station. “The only money we had was for a little, tiny Christmas tree,” Evadean said. The…

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    • Hi Rebecca ~ I loved this story … tugged on my heart strings. You have a beautiful blog ! Mine has been inactive for awhile , but I still keep the domain . For now I re-blog posts I run across I really like. I look forward to reading more about your inspiring home. Godspeed to you and your lovely family.

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