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paris grey dresser/buffet


how fitting the color of the paint i used on this dresser is called paris grey.  the brown colored wood gave  it a hick chic vibe minus the chic. but with a couple of coats of annie sloan paint, matte white hardware, clear wax on the finished product,  i rather fancy it paris chic.    a large glossy white baroque style mirror resting on the top and the look is complete.ImageImageImage




Paint  it!  I saw a cover of “House Beautiful” a couple months ago with a dining table very similar to mine, painted charcoal grey.  I saved the picture and decided to try and replicate the color and finish on my table.  After several different shades of grey, I finally manipulated blending a couple of different grey colors and then blending with clear  and dark wax.  I hand sanded between every single layer.  I do not recommend doing this inside of your house (like i did)….especially if you have light cabinets, carpet, walls and trim (like I do.) I accrued quite a bit of dark grey dust which turns black when trying to clean up (like i have).

I sold off the-matching-typical-suburbia-cherry-finish-queen-anne-style-dining-chairs at my yard sale a few weeks back.  Last year,  I found two club chairs on Craigslist, purchased two dark brown wicker chairs from Pier One, and also found two Hollywood-glam type chairs I had reupholstered (red chair project).

S   l  o  w  l  y  . The dining room is coming together. What I liked yesterday, I probably won’t care for tomorrow….eventually, it will evolve into a space I love.    For years, I played by decorating rules.  I was too insecure as I was finding “MY” particular style.  But now, I go with my gut.  if I like something, I will make it work….somewhere.

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