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Be the Match. Save a Life.


i became interested in bone marrow donation in 1991, after my brother, alan, passed away at 35 years old, from melanoma.  he was diagnosed in february and died in june of the same year.  my family was instrumental in managing his care during those 4 months.  scott and i lived three hours away, but it was nothing to drive to richmond and  meet he and his wife, linda, for a doctors appointment.  i would spend the night with him in the hospital so linda could continue working, trying to maintain a state of un-normal normalcy.  it was 4 months of my life and his life i would not trade for millions.  alan was in and out of the hospital during this time and my family and i were witness to many very sick people.  one in particular was a young man awaiting a bone marrow transplant.  at the time, his life literally depended on a match.  it is  only a matter of bloodwork to be on the registry.  in 1995, while scott and i lived in chicago, i was contacted as a possible match for a young girl.   after further testing at a chicago hospital (simple blood tests ),  we matched on 6 out of 10 HLA markers….not close enough.  scott and i continue to be active on the registry and hope  one day, one of us will be privileged enough to help  save someone’s life.